Building A Base For A Second Income

The pandemic has had a growing impact on us in a growing number of different ways, but perhaps the biggest has been the disruption in our work life as we’ve either been asked to work from home, been furloughed temporarily or for some even unfortunately losing a job entirely – this has shown the importance to many of building a base for a second income so in the event of a pandemic such as this, you’re not entirely reliant on one stream, but to also supplement your normal day to day job income with a little extra on the side.

There are those who look to get their little extra from means that aren’t as certain or guaranteed as the recent rise in mobile gaming through online casinos and betting sites hasn’t slowed during the pandemic despite changes in initiatives such as Gamstop aimed at reducing participation options for players, many operators have chosen to register outside of the effective impact of this initiative however as users can find places to continue playing by visiting this site of services not on Gamstop – but betting and gambling come with their own risks, so what other methods have been used?

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The creative and crafty – Perhaps the most consistent way that many have created a second supplementary income is through the craft or creative industry as a number of sites have grown in popularity to support a sort of freelance or home business styled enterprise – whether it’s selling some homemade craft items on sites such as Etsy or using a more specialized creative profession in design or coding on sites such as Fiverr, many have been able to turn their passion or hobby into a legitimate way of making money. If you have a creative or crafty streak, perhaps it’s time to look into using one of these services to make a little extra on the side, and if you’re still not yet working then it’s a great way to utilise some free time too.

The digital nomad, but staying home – The digital nomad lifestyle of working part time whilst travelling remotely has grown in popularity in recent years, but there’s isn’t any reason why you can’t employ a little of this lifestyle whilst staying at home – whether this be through guest posting or writing, or part time use of different skills to earn a second income, there are plenty of options here. Whilst this does take away from your free time, if you’re able to arrange a certain schedule with a second employer or freelance work, you can tidy up a little on the side without needing to invest a huge amount – obviously the more you put in, the more you get out, and it does serve as a second job, but many have utilised it as a great way to develop a second income away from work, and much in the same way if you’re not yet back to your main job you may be able to find success in developing a second job even if only part time.


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