You know that just by purchasing, renting or even building a house you haven’t made your dream come true already. At this point, you may be wondering why since that is what you had been dreaming of since childhood. Well, to my mind and I guess to most of yours spending lots of cash each month or taking out a loan from the local bank is not anyone’s dream unless we want to fool around. To make matters worse, bricks and cement are also not enough.

What I wholeheartedly believe in is that it is the shades of the walls, the tiles, the devices yet most importantly the in-home furniture we connect to the most as we use it on a daily basis and we create memories made to last…even more than the actual items and gear! In other words, we should be more than careful while selecting house material as it turns out to be “the world around us”. Who would like to be surrounded by dull decorations and out-of-date kitchenware or gadgets after all?


Loads and loads of potential family-makers have posed that question to both themselves and worried sales assistants that get more than anxious when it comes to this. To be honest, it is no easy thing at all to put your finger on a “yes” or a “no”. You see every now and then we realize that life is not always “black or white”. Essentially, you could actually buy your furniture at the same coloring as your walls, but why should you actually bother so much? You might as well match some grey sofas with beige walls or vice versa. Except for that, you could go for a red fridge with black or white kitchen cupboards. It may sound a bit too daring for you currently, but it is not. The aforementioned matches have been tried throughout the years by various clients and they have invariably given a stunning result! Tip: Similar colors sometimes have surprisingly blurry and weird outcomes so be extra cautious.


Moving on with the bedrooms we all know that the beds and the bedside tables prevail there. Along with the dressing tables, they create the final image and impression that our bedroom reflects. However, beds and bedside tables by can turn out to be a real lifesaver and a game-changer at the same time. They are made of various but alike materials so they can be combined more often than not. For instance, you can choose a double bed made of wood, cast iron, upholstery or a chrome-plated one. The two first kinds of material are more common but they achieve in offering a traditional and antique styling, while the other two are designed to be part of a more modern and elegant bedroom. Such beds can be perfectly matched with marvelous bedside tables. Those are made of black or mirrored glass as well as pine or wood like oak. Apparently, wooden bedside tables should be combined with analogous beds and the rest of them with the more contemporary ones. 


Finishing with the dining room, we must put a lot of emphasis on that specific area of our “nest”. Why? Because there you will be spending lots and lots of hours on your own or with family and friends eating, drinking, telling jokes and above all discussing and solving your problems. You didn’t expect me to tell that stuff, did you? Hence, you had better think again and again about best matches there. You could, for example, be bold and head for wooden chairs along with a metal dining table. You’ll be surprised at how well they complement each other. Besides, velvet dining chairs with chrome details can suit nicely a more up-to-date stand.


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