A Few Easy Tips That Could Turn Your Home into a Rustic Cottage

Many homes have nicely manicured gardens along the ground, but an upward glance can reveal a couple of neglected flowerboxes or barren windowsills. These parts of a house often cry out for a touch of nature. Here are a few easy ways that you can turn your home into a neat country cottage no matter where it is in the world.

Thinking Inside the Box

Those flowerboxes don’t have to be barren. A variety of hardy plants do quite well in enclosed spaces. Any plant that can grow in a container garden can add a gentle touch of nature to the side of a home. Some climates aren’t conducive to growing anything in these permanent containers. You might also find that the house shades them too much to grow anything in them. Artificial plants can make for an interesting display in these cases. Solid plastic foliage should be able to hold up to the elements.

Hanging a Wreath

Adding a natural boxwood wreath to exterior decor can also add some needed foliage to the side of a house or barn. Wreaths are often made as craft items these days, but those who don’t feel they have the talent necessary to take on such a complicated project could take a look at retailers like Antique Farm House who sell wreaths that are quite authentic. A wreath like this could also be brought indoors in the evening to use on a table as a candle ring.

Plant and Trim the Hedges

Homeowners often neglect their hedges until they grow so out of control that they have to be removed. A little bit of trimming now can save these beautiful stands of greenery. If you don’t have hedges or already had to remove them, then consider planting some evergreens that are native to your area and won’t cause damage to the foundation of your home. They can provide shade in warmer climates, and hedges can also block the wind in cooler ones. This means that they can actually save energy while making your home look a bit more rustic.

Redecorating Outdoors

Keep in mind that foliage isn’t the only way to make your home look rustic. A few simple farm artifacts like milk canisters can work wonders. Going to flea markets and looking around is a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, and it might give you a bunch of ideas to try on your own homestead.


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