6 Signs You Need to Fix Your Air Conditioner

Summer is in full swing and while the days are longer and grass is greener, the people are warmer. Between the bright sun beating down all day, and the thick humidity in the air after a summer storm, it is practically impossible to live without an air conditioner in most places. If yours isn’t working properly and has any of these symptoms, it is probably time to call the repair guy.

The AC Makes Weird Sounds

Is your air conditioner making a loud squeaking or grinding noise? Loud and unexplained noises such as these could indicate that the inner workings of your unit are loose and need to be tightened. In some cases, they may need to be replaced to prevent it from completely breaking down.

You Notice Strange Odors

Some AC problems cause strange odors in your home. If you smell something pungent and can’t quite place where it’s coming from, it from your air conditioner. Foul odors indicate the possibility of burned wire insulation that needs to be replaced in order to prevent fires. Sometimes an AC unit will smell musty. If this is the case, you should call a professional right away, as you could have dangerous mold in your system. Untreated mold has been known to cause serious health issues and even death in some cases.

There Is Moisture Around the Unit

If you have moisture around your unit when there shouldn’t be, your air conditioner could be leaking refrigerant. Refrigerant is not dangerous in small amounts, but when concentrated and constantly inhaled, it poses serious health risks, especially to children and pets who are lower to the ground. Symptoms of breathing in refrigerant include headaches, lung, eye, and skin irritation, heart palpitations, and dizziness.

There Is Not Enough Cool Air

 If your unit is blowing strong but the air isn’t cold enough, the refrigerant levels may be too low to adequately cool the air. It may also indicate a more serious problem, such as a broken compressor. Running your unit when it isn’t working efficiently not only causes you to pay unusually high utility bills, but may also lead your unit to break even further.

The Air Isn’t Flowing

Sometimes cool air will flow, but not as strongly as it should. If the air pressure coming from your vents is too low throughout the entire house, it may be a compressor problem.  If only some rooms are affected by the problem, the issue is likely in the ductwork. Dirt and debris may have built up or there could be a leak or hole somewhere in the ductwork.

The Thermostat Doesn’t Work Properly

Sometimes your thermostat will stop reading the temperature properly, which makes it difficult to determine what the actual temperature in your home is and what you need to set your system to. This is especially evident if one room’s temperature never changes but the other seems much too cold. An AC repair technician will be able to differentiate between a thermostat problem and ductwork issue in this situation.

Proper maintenance and regular filter changes will help ensure your unit works for as long as possible, but repairs are inevitable on nearly every appliance. Attempting to fix the problem yourself could lead to even bigger issues if you aren’t trained, so always call a professional when you need air conditioner repair.


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