5 Tips to Make Moving Home Pain-Free

Moving is, at the bare minimum, a hassle. You always seem to have more stuff than you remember, and there never seems to be enough time to get what you need done, done. However, with a little foresight and planning, you can simplify this process. Here are 5 ways you can make moving as easy as possible.


1) Consider Your Phone Situation

One thing that often gets overlooked when moving is what happens to your phone. Your home phone is often switched off for a significant amount of time while moving, which can be a problem as people will need to reach you. And while you still will have your mobile phone, it’s better to keep this number private as you’ll be working with a multitude of contacts, many of whom you may not want to give your private number to. That’s why you should consider buying a temporary mobile phone contract to use as your “home” phone during this time. It’s easy to save money and compare mobile phone contracts, helping you to pick the right one for you. This helps keep your main mobile phone information private, and it’s easy to do a quick mobile phone deals comparison.

2) Label, and Label Some More

While packing attracts most of the attention and grief, unpacking all your stuff can be as big as a hassle. To make the unpacking a bit easier, make sure you not only label what’s in the box, but what room it goes in as well. This is a great time saver. Keep in mind to label the sides of the box, and not the top. This way you can still tell where everything goes if all the boxes are stacked.

3) Get Rid of What You Don’t Need/Use

This may seem like obvious advice, but the less stuff you have the easier it will be to pack, it may be time to have a spring clean. While you swear that you’ll wear that cardigan again, you’re probably better off donating or selling it. A good way to figure out what clothes you actually wear is to arrange your clothes by the date you last wore them. If you see something that stays at the back of the closet, then get rid of it.

4) Don’t Pay for Boxes

It may not seem like a big cost, but boxes can really add up. Instead of paying for them, crowdsource it. A simple craigslist search usually results in plenty of people looking to get rid of boxes. You can also use any hampers or bins you may have laying around, and save on the cost of boxes as well.

5) Use Your Friends

Isn’t helping out with manual labor what friends are for? In any case, while friends are more often than not willing to help out, many aren’t exactly excited about setting aside a full day to help. Instead, schedule your friends to help out in shifts.

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