5 Things Every Beautifully Designed Room Needs

Everyone deserves a room of their own (and a spa-like bathroom doesn’t hurt, either). However, a room in and of itself isn’t going to cut it. You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to have a beautiful, functional and comfortable room. You do, however, need to follow some basic tactics in order to optimize your raw materials. Choosing the right pieces and a less is more mentality can make a huge difference.


Here are a few thing every room needs in order to maximize beauty, function and comfort. Do all your rooms feature these items?


1. Comfortable seating


Sure, that solid oak chair with the flimsy cushion might look beautiful, but how does it feel? With relaxed seating (not office furniture), more cushioning is the way to go. Consider the many seating options and match them to the room’s primary function. Ergonomics are critical for home offices, but lavish recliners are the perfect match for master bedrooms.


2. Good lighting


Whenever possible, take advantage of natural light by opting for lifting blinds, keeping furniture from blocking windows, or installing a skylight. Recently,HealthDay reported on a study bolstering the many benefits of natural light in the workplace, but it’s important at home, too. If natural light isn’t an option in certain rooms, mimic it as much as possible with smart light choices.


3. Personal touches


Forget hitting up the local big box stores for “keepsakes” that were made in China. Everyone has things they love, knickknacks collected over the years, or other precious memories begging to be on display. If it’s beloved art, follow the Art Day tips on displaying it, or if it’s a favorite book give it top billing on the shelves. This is how your house becomes a home.


4. A throw blanket or two


Nothing is worse than facing a chill and having to hunt down a sweater or socks. Keep a cozy throw blanket in every single room. Not only is it functional, it’s a great accent piece and a potential pop of color. Keep them tossed over chairs, in a wicker basket, or folded on shelves for easy grab and cuddle opportunities.


5. Complementary hues


Tap into the power of color, matching each room with its function. The kitchen can be warmer, brighter colors perfect for whipping up something with love. Bedrooms can boast neutral or cool tones to promote relaxation. Colors are a strong mood shifter, so use them wisely.


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