5 Secrets To Designing Your Dream Bathroom

Creating a dream bathroom where you can spend leisurely time preparing for the day or relaxing at night is a desire that many people share. These perfect bathrooms require careful planning and attention to detail. If you consider how you use your bathroom on a daily basis, you can implement a design that makes your life easier, as well as pleases your aesthetic sense.

Maximize Function

Bathrooms are functional rooms that should promote easy flow of movement and activity. Ensure that placement of cabinets, fixtures and shelving makes sense for the way you use it on an everyday basis. Use space carefully, with an eye toward the actions you take in your normal routine. Most people want double sinks, vanity storage and towels racks or shelves within easy reach. You’ll also want to ensure you have sufficient hot water for enjoying your new bath. Talk with one of the contractors of water heaters in Phoenix, or the city of your choice, to ensure you have sufficient water for your projected needs.

Coordinate Colors With A Light Hand

If you don’t have a great deal of experience with design and décor, keep your color choices basic. Today’s bathroom design often uses muted colors with tonal contrasts instead of stark contrasts. Choose colors that provide a sense of calm and serenity to make your new bath a retreat from the stresses of daily life. Neutral colors schemes allow you to change the look of the bathroom with splashes of color as the spirit moves you. Grays, creams, white and soft celery can be dressed up or down as desired.

Quality Tiling

If you must skimp somewhere, never do it on the tiles you choose for walls and flooring. High quality tiling creates a spectacular effect and will last for years. Many expert designers of bathrooms choose overall tiling with a line of decorative tiles at eye level to give additional interest to the room. This method breaks up the monotony of a wall of tile without committing to a mixed pattern of time that you may tire of after a few years. Use an experienced tile contractor with photos of his work and references from satisfied clients.

Thoughtful Storage Space

Give plenty of thought to how you use storage in your bathroom every day. Many people have minimal storage in the bathroom and use linen closets or other areas for the storage of daily supplies like extra soap, shampoo, paper products and other needs. Others want these items immediately on hand. If you are the latter, you will need plenty of cabinet space to keep these items hidden and to avoid a look of clutter.

Provide Great Lighting

Good lighting is a critical factor for your bathroom. Bathrooms are often grooming stations and good illumination is necessary for these personal tasks. Take advantage of natural light sources to provide soft and comfortable illumination during the day. Also provide effective overhead lighting for the evening hours for relaxing baths. Lighting above the mirror or overhead should give plenty of illumination for close grooming tasks.


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