5 Places That Inspire Interior Designers

Interior designers are fortunate in that they are often able to incorporate creative expression into their daily work lives. However, an interior designer may sometimes have difficulty being continually creative. One way to combat this problem is to utilize outside sources for inspiration. A designer might find inspiration in a wide range of places, from a magazine to an oil painting to a mountain lake.

Browse Online Sites

By browsing a broad assortment of websites, an individual can find an endless stream of images. One option is to visit interior design sites, of course. Design inspiration might be found almost anywhere online, though, so don’t be afraid to branch out. One site that offers plenty of interesting photos from which to draw inspiration is Pinterest. As Georgia James discusses in an article for Huffington Post, this popular social media site offers a “vast library of images.” An individual can browse Pinterest and other sites for unique ideas and creative inspiration, whether or not they fall under the interior design category.

Look at Magazines

Although browsing online may be a highly effective method for inspiring creativity, more traditional strategies can work well, too. Designers have browsed the pages of magazines for design ideas for decades. A person can tear pages from a magazine and easily transport them to clients’ locations and supply stores. Additionally, if a cup of coffee or glass of juice is spilled on a magazine, the magazine can be replaced far more quickly and inexpensively than a smartphone or tablet. An individual does not need to limit themselves to interior design publications; regardless of theme, many magazines are filled with brightly colored images that may serve as inspiration.

Visit an Art Gallery

One great way to be inspired is to view works of other visual arts, and one of the best ways to do this is to visit an art gallery. An oil painting hanging in a gallery might inspire the look for a bedroom or living room, or could help inspire a bay window overlooking a garden. A series of black and white photographs could lead to a vintage theme for a kitchen. Even browsing the blog or website for a gallery can help to unlock creativity in a designer, something that most gallery curators know to be true.

Consider Nature

Images found in nature could be the most inspirational of all. A view of a sparkling stream might lead to an interior design look inspired by leaves, rocks, and fish. A morning walk along the beach may be exactly what a designer needs to encourage the flow of creativity. Hiking on a country trail could inspire a commercial designer to create a rustic look for a restaurant or retail store. According to Pure Home blogger Bryn Mooney, wallpapers and patterns that reference plants create an indoor oasis, allowing the appeal of the outdoors to be brought inside the home or office building. Colors, patterns, and fabrics may be used in such a way that they help to bring the natural world indoors.

Use a Hobby as a Theme

A hobby or special interest could also be the inspiration for a memorable interior. An animal lover might choose linens or window treatments in exotic animal prints. Someone who skis every weekend could incorporate a chic ski chalet theme in an urban penthouse. A person who loves classical music might design a room around a grand piano or commission an artist to paint a mural of string instruments on one wall.

Designing the interior of a home or commercial building can be an exciting project. Like people in any other profession, interior designers must sometimes try new things in order to do their jobs well. By viewing images in a variety of places, a designer can find a seemingly endless supply of creative inspiration.


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