5 Kitchen Countertop Appliances You Wish You Had

Living a hectic lifestyle seems to be a regular occurrence these days. Being able to prepare quick, healthy, and nutritious meals is a must for those on-the-go. Spoiling yourself with a mouth-watering espresso or a fresh Panini can happen every day. These five countertop appliances can make a significant difference in your life. They can help you create nutritious meals, and entertain like a pro.

Pizza Oven

Impress guests with your culinary skills by using a countertop pizza oven in the home. They won’t be able to tell the difference between your homemade pizza, and the one made by the local pizzeria. The countertop pizza oven is one appliance that can add value to the home. You get quality meals, and you can choose your own nutritional ingredients. The Cecilware Pizza oven is commercial grade but designed for the countertop and fits well.  

Speed Oven

The speed oven combines microwave and convection technology to provide speed and high-quality results. Cooking foods in the speed oven does not result in the rubbery finish sometimes obtained from microwaves. Big name brands like the Miele stainless-steel speed oven provides fifteen operating modes and employs an electronic automatic temperature setting. Even with all the options, it is very simple to use.

Espresso Machine

Enjoy delicious coffee every day right in your own home. An espresso machine is one countertop appliance you will cherish if you are a coffee-lover. And it’s definitely catching on. Selecting an espresso machine can be a bit overwhelming because of the large variety on the market. Whether you go with the pod machines for ease of use, or prefer grinding your coffee yourself, mornings will never be the same once you can wake up to a fresh cup.

Panini Press

The Panini Press enhances a plain melted cheese sandwich, and most of the available presses can cook several sandwiches at the same time. Some even allow you to grill meat! In fact, there’s a lot of creative ways to make use of a Panini Press.

The press itself is very simple to use. It needs some preheating, yet your sandwich will still be ready in a matter of a few minutes. The upper plate can be adjusted depending on how thick the sandwich is. The non-stick feature makes it very easy to clean.

Frozen Concoction Maker

Easily blend the perfect drinks at home with a frozen concoction maker. Smoothies, colada, mudslides, and margaritas are some of the drinks you can make. Make three cold drinks at a time, so if you are entertaining at home, you can churn out restaurant quality drinks at the speed of an expert bartender. Being able to choose your own ingredients allows flexibility, innovation, and creativity. You can collect fresh fruits and use organic ingredients to make nutritious and healthy smoothies or other chilled drinks.

These five appliances can certainly help to improve the quality of your life and others. Things may get very busy at times, but eating nutritious meals, maintaining healthy relationships, and treating yourself is vital. Let these five appliances help you stay healthy without taking up any of your precious time.


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