4 Real Ways to Deck the Halls this Winter

What’s the biggest slab of real estate outside and inside your home? The walls, and while it might be safe to stick to light, neutral shades, it’s not any fun. Painting the walls (exterior or interior) is one of the biggest and most affordable ways to make a statement. If you don’t still love the color come summer, it’s a breeze to re-paint or even shake things up with each season.

Prefer to let the professionals take care of painting? That’s a smart move and much more affordable than you think. You still have time to deck the halls like never before prior to Santa’s arrival, so get cracking. Here are a few ideas to shake things up and get into the holiday spirit:

1. Go shiny or go home

Regardless of the color you choose for your interior walls, think about choosing a shiny finish instead of the standard matte. You can still go safe with a neutral shade, but take it up a notch with a sheen. In fact, Hooked on Houses recommended changing up your finish for 2014, but it was advice many people were wary of. If there’s a time for metallic sheens, the holidays are it. Dip your toes in the water by choosing just one room for starters.

2. Spread cheer with red hues

There are all types of red from cranberry to cherry. If you’re not quite ready for a fully red room, try painting just a single accent wall. The wall with a fireplace is a great choice, especially if the mantel is brick or metallic. Remember that Huffington Post recently reported on how color impacts your mood, so match the room to the vibe you’re after.

3. Why choose one color?

There’s no rule that says you can only have one color per room. Different walls can have various, complementary colors. You can also use painter’s tape to section off areas, such as the top or bottom of a wall, in an homage to wallpaper. Get creative and let your color lover celebrate.

4. Add some texture

You can do this literally, or just add in the idea of texture with swirls and sponges. Don’t let the floors have all the fun, and consider your walls a great canvas for something more exciting. Plus, if you DIY, sponging is a great way for kids to get in on the action.

Your walls, your rules. Don’t your holiday guests deserve something better this year than that old eggshell hue?


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