4 DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Bathrooms are a key part of the home as not only are they an essential functional room but they also offer a place of luxury and refreshment every day. That is however, if you have a bathroom that you like! Many people just put up with their distressed, aged bathrooms as they think it would be too much of a hassle to change it into a place that they enjoy being in. But it’s time to think again. Here are four simple bathroom renovation ideas that you can do yourself without breaking the bank.

  1. Upcycle a Vanity

Use your imagination and thrifty fingers by getting your hands on an unloved cabinet or structured surface and turn it into your very own vanity cupboard. Just measure the size of space and shop around online or in antique shops and vintage markets to pick your perfect piece with potential. Polish it up with sanding, varnish or paint and install simple plumbing and storage.

  1. Tiles with Style

There are tons of beautiful design ideas out there for stunning tiles. They are a versatile medium, ranging from subtle and practical, such as surrounding the bath or sink in muted colours, or something more memorable in a feature around your mirror. Knock out old tiles with some demolition tactics and install new tiles. Whether a colourful mosaic pattern or large slate slabs, tiles have the potential to add tons of personality to a bathroom so be sure to check out what feature you would like them to play up.

  1. Splurge on Faucets

If there’s one thing in your bathroom that you do spend the most money on, it should be the faucets for your shower, sink and bath. Getting high-quality, long lasting and reliable faucets is an essential luxury for a perfect, functional bathroom. After spending time carefully retiling, you’ll want to use a drill with diamond drill bits to fit the fixtures to an exact size with minimal damage. Solid metal fixtures with ceramic disc valves are great and can be judged by their weight. Be sure to check for a lifetime guarantee so that you can rest assured that they will be repaired if anything goes wrong.

  1. Light it Up

Nothing plays a more crucial role in atmosphere than lighting and you can really have fun with it in your bathroom. Give a vintage touch with period-style wall lamps on either side of your vanity mirror or go modern with ceiling-installed studio lighting and warm fixtures underneath shelves.

You and your family use your bathroom every day, and you’ll want guests to feel comfortable and hopefully impressed by the room too. In this way, personalising your bathroom and getting the design and functionality right is well worth the time and investment that you put in. 


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