3 Ways to “Hide” Alarm Systems When Decorating

If it’s been awhile since you checked out home security systems, there much less “obvious” and more streamlined than they used to be. While security obviously trumps style when it comes to your home, who says you can’t have both? Today’s alarm systems are pretty discreet, but there are still tricks for downplaying them and even hiding them if you’re a serious minimalist. Stay safe and keep your home Zen-ful with just a few touches.


First, make sure you choose a security system based on your needs, not on looks alone. Some systems require a little more space because they’re so comprehensive. Start by working with an expert who can help you work within a set budget to find the perfect system for you. Next, begin experimenting with ways of downplaying the system that complements your décor.


1. Consider painting the walls to match the system


Most people keep their security system close to the front door (by necessity), and most alarm systems are a light, neutral color because that’s the most common wall color. However, if you have a deep red foyer, that alarm system is going to stick out like a sore thumb. Play with color at the moulding or ceiling instead, and repaint the walls to match the system. It’s the simplest way to blend.


2. Put up faux curtains


The trend of hanging curtains, complete with rod, above beds when there’s no window there doesn’t have to stop when you cross into the foyer. Try hanging a gauzy curtain over the alarm system and dress it up with a foyer table. Just make sure the system is still easily accessible, especially if there are children in the house. You need to balance hiding with access when security systems are involved.


3. Hide it with mirrors


Mirrors aren’t just beautiful and timeless, but they also brighten up rooms and “escort” visitors in the direction of your choosing. Plus, it’s guaranteed that people will be checking themselves out, not your alarm system, if they spot some in the foyer. It’s a way of distracting visitors by giving them something more interesting to look at: Their own image.


No matter how you choose to hide or distract, remember that alarm systems need to be easy to reach in case of an emergency. You don’t want to be taking down a shadow box painting that’s hiding the system as it’s going off. Security before beauty, but just by a smidge.


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