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10 Budget DIY Home Improvement Projects Anyone Can Do

If you’re on a budget but want to make some improvements to your home, that doesn’t mean you have to spend bundles of money or be an interior design genius. All you need is a good eye and the right DIY tutorials to make your home improvement dreams come true. If you’re looking for an easy way to add to your home without breaking the bank, consider these fabulous ideas.

1. Build a Headboard

There are plenty of tutorials for various headboards to match any look and style. You could make a headboard out of pallet boards, upcycled shutters, or a simple slab of wood. For a contemporary-style headboard that costs less than $30 to make, build an upholstered headboard using particle board, upholstery buttons, and a sheet.

2. Accessorize Cabinets

If your cabinets are still in great shape, but you’re a little tired of the look, consider accessorizing to update the look. Wallpaper the insides of the cupboards and replace the handles and knobs with new ones. No matter how you decide to renew your cabinets, use a Polyurethane finish which is the most durable finish for kitchen cabinets.

3. Pantry Door Spice Rack

Have you ever noticed that plastic mop holder racks are the perfect size to hold your spices? Screw a few of these plastic racks onto the inside of your pantry door for easy access to your spices.

4. Update Kitchen Backsplash

Replacing your kitchen backsplash is a cinch if you have the right materials. Simply scrape off the existing backsplash (if applicable), sand it smooth, and get “peel and stick” tiles in the design of your choice.

5. Small Bathroom Storage

Small bathrooms can be a headache when it comes to storage. Think of innovative solutions for this, such as hanging a section of a plastic shoe holder from the inside of your cupboard door and shower rod, replacing towel hooks with towel rods, using mason jars, and adding a shelf above your bathroom door.

6. Paint Kitchen Cabinets

If your cabinets are getting on in years and the stain is peeling, scratched, or cracked, it’s definitely time to upgrade. But new cabinets may not be an option for you. Instead, scrape or dissolve the old stain, sand, and add a fresh coat of paint.

7.  Hide TV Cords

TVs hung on the wall are wonderful for maximizing space and keeping the room looking sleek. However, all of the cords hanging from the TV do not add any appeal to the room. Instead of letting the unsightly cords hang there, snake them through a hollow shower curtain rod painted to match your decor.

8. Replace Faucets

A major trend of 2015 is brand new gold and bronze sink fixtures, and you can replace your faucets easily. This tutorial from Lowes explains how to turn off the water supply, disconnect the old faucet, insert the new faucet, secure gaskets and washers for a tight seal, and connect the new faucet to the water supply.

9. Paint a Vinyl Floor

Replacing vinyl or laminate flooring is a timely, expensive, and difficult job. For a fresh update on your existing flooring, skip the hassle and simply paint the floor instead!

10. Half-Paint Your Walls

If your home or apartment has short ceilings and feels a little cramped, give the illusion of height by half-painting the walls. Use one color to paint from the floor to a point a few feet below your ceiling, and use another to paint the rest. It’ll make the whole room look and feel bigger.


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